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Thrilled to be Accepted for The Artist & Leisure Painters Open Exhibition 2024 (TALP24)

Updated: Jul 2

Good Morning, Art Enthusiasts,

I am absolutely delighted to share some exciting news with you all—I have been accepted for The Artist & Leisure Painters Open Exhibition/competition 2024! This prestigious exhibition will be held at the Patchings Art Centre from 11th July to 11th August 2024.

A Special Connection to Patchings

What makes this news even more special is the unique journey of the piece that has been accepted. My artwork, "River Nith Otters," began its life as a demonstration piece during the Patchings Art Festival in 2022, within the UK Coloured Pencil Society's tent. It has been a labor of love, taking two years of on-and-off work to complete.

To have its first exhibition back at Patchings, where it all began, feels like a homecoming. The Patchings Art Festival, running concurrently from Thursday 11th July to Saturday 13th July 2024, makes this event even more meaningful and definitely feels like a full-circle moment.

The Journey of "River Nith Otters"

Creating "River Nith Otters" has been an incredible journey. Starting as a demo piece, it has evolved through countless hours of dedication and passion. The inspiration was drawn from the playful nature of the otters (Original photo taken by Caroline Thom) and the serene beauty of the River Nith both have been a driving force behind this work. The process involved meticulous colour selection and layering of colored pencils to capture the vibrancy and life of the otters in their natural habitat.

Join Me at Patchings

I am incredibly honoured to be part of this esteemed exhibition and can't wait to share "River Nith Otters" with all of you. If you are in the area, please come by to see the exhibition and enjoy the Patchings Art Festival. It promises to be a fantastic event filled with creativity, inspiration, and the vibrant spirit of the art community.

Thank you for your continued support and encouragement. I look forward to seeing you at Patchings Art Centre this summer!

Happy creating,

Susan -x-

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