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Born in Lincolnshire, Susan moved up to Dalbeattie, South West Scotland at the age of 10. After leaving  High School at 16 she went straight to Carlisle Art College.  After 4 years at Carlisle Susan graduated in Textile Design.

After a few years working in none inspiring jobs Susan went back to college in Dumfries, and after 2 years graduated in Business Studies with Tourism.

Susan then worked in an office environment for over 15 years, but she always had a need to create things. After a chance viewing on YouTube of some coloured pencil artists and a win on the 2017 Grand National, where she eventually decided to go for it and use the money to buy a full set of artist quality coloured pencils. Susan rekindled her passion for Art and especially coloured pencils, she has never looked back since, and has even managed to bag a few International awards.



UK Coloured Pencil Society (UKCPS)

UKCPS - World of Coloured Pencil Exhibition

September/October 2018 - Keswick, UK

September/November 2019 - Keswick, UK

September/October 2021 - Keswick, UK

Coloured Pencil Community of Australasia (CPCAU)

CPCAU - Drawn Together online Exhibition 2019

March 2019

UKCPS - 18th Annual Open Exhibition 2019

3rd August - 4th September 2019

Richmond, North Yorkshire, UK

UKCPS - 19th Annual Open Exhibition 2020

August - September 2019 (Held online)

UKCPS - 20th Annual Open Exhibition 2021

14th - 24th October 2021

Oxo Bargehouse Gallery, London UK

UKCPS - 21st Annual Open Exhibition 2022

August - September 2022 (Held online)

Dumfires & Galloway Fine Arts Society 100th Exhibition 2022

July - August 2022

Gracefields Art Centre, Dumfries, UK

SAA Artist of the Year Exhibition 2022

September - October 2022 

Nottingham Society of Artists Gallery, Nottingham, UK


Dalbeattie Flower, Produce & Art Show 2018 -

Placed 1st 'Molly' and 3rd 'Nell' & overall Art trophy.

Dalbeattie Flower, Produce & Art Show 2019 -

Placed 1st 'Strength of Opposing Forces' and 2nd 'Tesco Cat' & overall Art trophy.

Awarded Signature Status by the Coloured Pencil Community of Australasia - August 2019

Light Space Time - International online gallery

9th Nature Art Exhibition -

Honourable Mention (14th overall) - Puffin

Special Merit Award - Highland Coo

Light Space Time - International online gallery

9th All Woman Art Exhibition -

Honourable Mention (12th overall) - Maisie

Special Merit Award - Pepsi

Light Space Time - International online gallery

10th Anniversary Exhibition -

Special Recognition - Iberian Lynx

Light Space Time - International online gallery

10th Animal Art Exhibition -

Special Merit Award - Lottie & Nessa

Special Merit Award - Maisy

Color Magazine 21st Annual Members Show

Honourable Mention - "Hurry Up Nana, I'm Ready for the Park!"

Draw with LAW - 7th Patreon Exhibition - September 2020

Highly Commended - Snow Leopard

UK Coloured Pencil Society's (UKCPS) 20th Annual International Open - October 2021

Color Pencil Society of America's Award for Excellence

also Awarded Signature Status by the UKCPS - October 2021

International Contemporary Art Gallery (Online)

Awarded 5th Place - "Bottoms Up!"

SAA Artist of the Year 2022 

Support All Artists Award 2022

Publications Featured in:

Color Magazine - Feb 2019 issue

Color Magazine - May 2022 issue

CP Treasures - Volume 6 (2019)

CP Treasures - Volume 7 (2020)

CP Treasures - Volume 8 (2021)

Ann Kullberg's Pencil Box Showcase

September 2018 - "Molly"

November 2018 - "Archie & Tilly"

December 2018 - "Pepsi"

February 2019 - "Maisie"

May 2019 - "Pip"

June 2019 - "Strength of Opposing Forces"

October 2019 - "Murphy"

November 2019 - "Tia & Mo"

January 2020 - "Bella"

February 2020 - "Gob Full" Puffin

March 2020 - "Bonny"

May 2020 - "Louis"

February 2021 - "Millie"

September 2021 - "Larsson"

February 2022 - "Make a Wish"

May 2022 - "Cooper"

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