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My First "Draw Your Own Pet" Workshop – A Creative Adventure!

Hello Art Enthusiasts,

I am thrilled to share the delightful experience of teaching my very first in-person workshop, "Draw Your Own Pet," which recently took place (May 2024). It was an inspiring and fun-filled day where creativity blossomed, and new friendships were made.

A Wonderful Challenge

The workshop was attended by a group of lovely ladies who brought with them an exciting challenge for me: two dogs, a cat, and a butterfly. Each participant came with a unique vision for their pet portrait, and I was eager to help them bring these visions to life.

Learning New Techniques

Throughout the day, we explored various techniques essential for creating stunning pet portraits. The ladies had the opportunity to use and experiment with some of the best professional colored pencils available. It was a joy to see their excitement as they tried out different brands and discovered their preferences.

Introducing PanPastels

One of the highlights of the workshop was the introduction of PanPastels for underpainting. This was a completely new product for everyone, and it opened up a world of possibilities for adding depth and richness to their artwork. The versatility and ease of use of PanPastels quickly made them a favorite among the participants.

A Day of Fun and Creativity

While we did run out of time to complete our pet/animal portraits, the day was filled with laughter, learning, and a lot of fun. The atmosphere was electric with creativity, and it was wonderful to see the progress each participant made in their artwork.

Heartfelt Reviews

At the end of the workshop, the ladies left me with some truly heartwarming reviews. Their positive feedback and kind words mean the world to me and reinforce my passion for teaching and sharing the joy of art.

Here are a few highlights from their reviews:

  • "Most enjoyable workshop. Loads of help & useful information. Susan is so helpful and welcoming."

  • "I have had a very nice day and learned so much more, also being with very good company (5/5 stars)."

  • "Susan has so much experience and makes the workshop interesting and keeps you focussed and motivated. Felt relaxed and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. (5 stars)."

  • "I was very apprehensive at the start never having been on an art workshop before, Susan soon put me at ease and I began to relax and really enjoy myself. I learned so much about color and coloured pencil techniques. The company of the other ladies was fantastic and I thoroughly enjoyed my day... looking forward to the next one!"

Looking Ahead

This workshop was just the beginning, and I am already looking forward to organizing more sessions in the future. If you missed out this time, stay tuned for announcements (Sign up to my news letter and be the first to hear), about upcoming workshops where we will continue to explore the wonderful world of colored pencils and beyond.

Thank you to everyone who attended and made this first workshop such a success. Your enthusiasm and creativity made it a truly unforgettable day.

Happy drawing!

Susan -x-

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