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Explorers Against Extinction

Well what a week I had a couple of weeks ago! A few days after gaining my CPCAU Signature status I then found out my Puffin picture had made the final 100 in the FSF Introducing section of Explorers Against Extinction who raise money for endangered species. Which means it will tour the UK with 150 pieces from invited artists and another 50 sketches from celebrities on their annual charity fundraising exhibition and auction.

I chose the puffin to draw for 3 reasons. The first being I wanted to draw a UK endangered specie. The second after looking at a few animals, I found that a friend who had sadly passed but was a keen photographer had a wonderful photo of a puffin and which his family allowed me to paint. And thirdly I love puffins!

I am hoping to get to see the exhibition at some point, and I'm exited to see my work along side all the other amazing works of art!

"Can't talk.....speak up for me!"

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