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Setting up a Pencil Group

When I started using coloured pencil as an adult, I often wished there was a pencil group that I could go to in my area. Subsequently I would think about setting my own group up... then the long procrastination happened as usual, and well, basically the group never happened!

I went to a big Art Festival in Nottinghamshire this year and saw how many people enjoyed doing art as a hobby. I thought about my non-existent group and wondered, would there be enough people in my small town in Scotland who would be interested in coloured pencil? Then my good friend Lisa Ann Watkins (Animal Art by LAW) unexpectedly said “You should set up a pencil group!” So, I thought about it a bit more seriously and what type of group I wanted my group to be. A plan came together, I now had focus. No more procrastination, I was going to do this!

When I got home, I immediately looked for suitable venues... not as easy as you may think. There must be suitable table and chairs, and most importantly lighting. Ending up with headaches because you are straining

to see what is happening on the page is not conducive to a happy group. A small town doesn’t have many locations. but, I did find the perfect place. A lovely tearoom on the high street which had excellent lighting and scrummy goodies!

I sent out social media posters and local physical posters wondering if anyone would be interested. I had quite a few people say they would love to come but were just too far away, but to my relief I also had people say they would love to come. I was a happy bunny and couldn’t wait to get started!

I had decided my pencil group was to be for people who wanted to learn a bit about coloured pencil, to relax, unwind and enjoy its therapeutic side effects. The first night I was very nervous, hoping that what I had prepared would be suitable, and that everyone would enjoy it. I needn’t have been so anxious. Everyone enjoyed the project I had set, but better still they have been coming back to the group. It’s not a big group, roughly 5-10 people but from small things as they say….

I will let you know how the “Chilling Pencil” group has progressed in the next few months! X

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