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Major Award!!!

I'm still shocked! Last week (13th October 2021), I went all the way down to London to see my drawings being exhibited in the Bardgehouse Oxo Galleries right on the edge of the Thames near the London Eye. The event was the UK Coloured Pencil Society's 20th Anniversary Gala Preview of their Annual Exhibition. I was lucky enough to have 2 pieces being displayed titled Happy and Bottoms Up! The Exhibition itself was amazing!!! So many beautiful works of art, some of the pieces I was drooling over, and in my mind was hoping that one day I would be good enough to produce works like that. The Bargehouse was an old warehouse that is 5 stories high, so you can imagine there were quite a few artworks on display. During the preview/party there was an award ceremony which I'm still in shock over as I won the Colored Pencil Society of America's Award for Excellence (basically I came 3rd), how awesome is that!!! My drawing Happy was deemed fit for a prize woohoo!!! The judge was Adebanji Alade (Vice President of the Royal Institute of Oil Painters, also known for his YouTube Channel The Addictive Sketcher . You may also have seen him on The One Show). So I must thank him immensely for seeing something in my artwork that he would be kind enough to present me with this award. I hope you all enjoy 'Happy' too!

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